CanSat 2017

CanSat is a European Space Agency competition for students aged 14 to 20. In Romania the national competition is organized by ESERO Romania.

A CanSat is a simulation of a real satellite, built inside of an empty soft drink can.

The students teams have to design, build, and test a mini-satellite (CanSat). They have to fit all the major subsystems of a satellite, such as power, sensors and communications in a 330 ml soft drink can.

The CanSat will be launched from 1km relative altitude with a rocket, balloon, or drone. The CanSat has to execute a mission and to have a safe landing.

You can find more information in the Romanian CanSat Competition Guidelines and in European CanSat Competition Guidelines.

In order to participate in Romanian national competition you have to send until January 22, 2016, at the email address, the filled application form.

Good luck in CanSat 2017!