Christmas Balls

The Christmas influences the POwER 3D eTwinning project. Italian team, coordinated by teacher Patrizia Roma, proposed to design some Christmas balls for 3D printer and to exchange the .stl files between partners.
Next, I will present some of work done:

  1. First design failed to print because the model was not stiff enough.
  2. The second design solved the stiffness problem and the model successfully printed.
  3. The third design added three stars and the name of the project. Because of the small contact surface between model and printer bed, our first trial to print the design failed. That’s why we decided to use an external support. The quality of the printing was very good, but the support using increased the printing time with more than 1 hour.
  4. The fourth design added a hanger in the upper part and a raft to the lower part of the Christmas ball. Some distortions of the engraved text were minimized. The last design printed without any problem.

If you want to print the last design of Christmas ball, you can download the .stl file.

Next you can find more images and movies.
Xmas Ball 3D Printed