My American Dream

My name is Rebeca Cristina Pescaru. I was a member of the Children's Palace Dr. Tr. Severin - Orșova Subsidiary for 9 or 10 years. Being there I attended many electronics and robotics competitions and I was a member of Comenius KAREL project. I participated in two KAREL project meetings, held in Greece and Poland, places where my desire to study abroad was born.

Today I am student in the 12 grade in an American school. I got here by applying to the FLEX program, a program for students who want to study in an American school and live in an American family for one year. All I can say now is that it worth it.

The differences between American and Romanian high schools are huge. If in Romanian schools is compulsory to follow a certain curriculum and all subjects are compulsory, here the students can choose the classes they want to take according to what they want to do in their life. Another thing would be that they rely heavily on learning by doing. Students have the opportunity to do a lot of experiments about what they learn. Even if the difficulty level is lower than in our country, most students understand better certain principles that remain imprinted in their memory a longer period of time. Teachers are always trying to help students, are friendly, funny and never stressful. At first I did not know what classes to take and I was very afraid that I will not handle them, but it was not at all what I expected. All courses have a low difficulty level, including the American Literature, one of which I was most afraid. Besides that, I also take Mathematics, Chemistry, Sports, Theatre and Photography.

I would like to thank Professor Mihai Agape, who inspired and supported me, and without who this dream would not come true.