New editions of Script and Robotor competitions

We are in the process of writing the application forms for Scratch International Programming Trial SCRIPT 2017 and International Robotics Trophy ROBOTOR 2017.

SCRIPT 2017 will be similar with SCRIPT 2016: 10 age categories (from 7 to 16 years old) and six sections (Greetings, Games, Music and Dance, Stories, Simulations, and Educational Software).

ROBOTOR 2017 will include the contests organized in previous edition, ROBOTOR 2016, but we will also include two new contests: football and pentabot. As you already guessed, the pentabot competition will include five different challenges for the same robot (line following, wall maze, line maze, free style, and mini sumo).
Another novelty for ROBOTOR 2017 will be the organization of the contests for three different classes of robots: hard, kit, and open.

We hope that both competitions will be included in the Educational Activities’ Calendar of the Romanian Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research for year 2017.