Some of the RECAP project results are described on this webpage. For more results visit European Shared Treasure.

Underactuated robotic arm
This paper presents the contribution of Romanian team to the development of mechanical part of a robotic arm with next kinematical characteristics: 2 DOF and 2 DOA in shoulder; 1 DOF and 2 DOA in elbow; 1 DOF and 1 DOA in forearm; 2 DOF and 2 DOA in wrist; a total of 15 DOF and 6 DOA for the fingers of the hand. The design of the robotic arm was made in Pro/ENGINEER, software offered for free by PTC Company. The components of the arm are realized manually from aluminum sheet.

The Design of a Robotic Finger
This paper presents the design of an underactuated robotic finger with 3 DOF and 1 DOA. I used 3 computer programs to design robotic finger, to analyze finger’s flexion when some parameters are modified and choosing the dimensions of the fingers to satisfy the constraints. The results were used to make a finger which behaves very close to the simulated model (in the modeling process we neglected the friction and the gravity). The finger is manually made from easy to find materials.

System for Capturing Arm Motion - SCAM
The purpose of this paper is to present a System for Capturing Arm Motion (SCAM). There are presented the hardware part and also the principles of software implementation. SCAM develops the MOCA (MOtion CApture) system presented at RECAP project meeting held at Beypazari (09/26-30/2011) and at National Symposium IPO-TECH “Technical and Technological Perspectives - Priorities and Approaches in the European Context”, 5th edition, 04/06/ 2012 (published in the volume with ISBN 978-606-624-122-9).

Controller for a Robotic Hand
The purpose of this paper is to present a controller with ATmega8 designed to control the fingers of a robotic hand. The controller commands the 6 servomechanisms (2 for the thumb and one for each finger) which actuate the fingers. The controller receives commands from a computer and information about the pressure exerted by fingers.
This paper is a revised version of the article „Controler pentru comanda degetelor unui braţ robotic”, published in the magazine Conexiuni 6 (I.S.S.N. 1584 – 8645).