The road to life nourishment – knowledge

by Emanuel Mareș

It was happening in the fall of 2004, being in middle school, when I first met professor Mihai Agape, the man who transmitted the passion for electronics. Being recruited from the early stages of middle school I saw myself at the Electronics circle at Clubul Copiilor Orsova, titled as at that time, where I would be spending my time the next 4 years.

I don’t think a single Saturday was passing without me losing “time” at the circle; I use the term “to lose time” because time literally was going by so fast doing what I truly enjoyed. I started with the theoretical instruction, at that time physics was new to me and it helped also with the school curriculum. I was getting accustomed for the first time to the steps of building a circuit board. The steps were consisting of laying out the electric scheme on a plate of hard plastic coated with copper, tracing with tar the electronic connections, bathing the plate into ferric chloride, drilling and finally soldering the parts.

The next year, in 2005, the professor unexpectedly suggested to participate in the National Competition of Electronics. We form a team of 3 for the 3 age categories and we embark on the journey to take over the world. We start with the first stage, the county competition at which we got good results and we depart to the nationals at Pitesti. Following an adventurous journey the nerves were settling in as we arrive at the destination and the competition is looming in. As we finish the examination (practical, design and theoretical trials), with stupor we learn the excellent results obtained. A first prize, a third prize and an honorable mention. The team from Orsova became famous. And thus, started my path to the electronics and the passion behind it, later turned into a passion for technology/internet and programming.

Professor Mihai Agape, as my first contact with the technical world, was a big building block to the definition of my passion and will continue to be the same for others. An artisan in the art of teaching, a man that inspires in his expression the dedication and passion, a professor with a sense of humor and good disposition, an authoritative and honest professor, all traits of the same man which I thank for the patience and for all that he taught me, and I wish him lots of favorable results in his future projects.