Script 2017

Orsova Subsidiary of Palatul Copiilor Drobeta Turnu Severin organizes, in partnership with Uniunea Profesorilor de Informatică din România SCRIPT 2017—SCRatch International Programming Trial. The project has been included in the National Educational Activities’ Calendar for 2017 (A12, 18) of the Romanian Ministry of Education .
There will be 2 events:
1. Scratch programming competition according to the rules at
2. Symposium according to the rules at
It is possible to participate in both activities (contest and symposium) or just in one.

The deadlines of the SCRIPT 2017 competition are:
• 12 March 2017 – Registering for competition at
• 11 May 2017 – Submitting the projects by email at
• 01 June 2017 – Announcing results.
• 14 June 2017 – Sending diplomas.
• 30 June 2017 – Creating a gallery with awarded projects.

The deadlines of the SCRIPT 2017 symposium are:
• 01 May 2017 – Registering for symposium at
• 08 May 2017 – Submitting material for symposium at
• 09 May 2017 – Conducting online symposium.

Some projects from previous SCRIPT editions are posted at:

Resources for Scratch learning
There a lot of Scratch learning resources on the official Scratch website.
You can find useful the Robo Scratch course, which is available for free, in all EU languages, on the Moodle portal of the Scientix project.

If you need some supplementary information, please do not hesitate to contact me: Mihai Agape,