An Unforgettable Experience

by Giulia Pescaru
I can still remember the day I walked into the electronics class. I was only eight years old, time when I did not understand a lot of what was happening in that class. Even though, I was very impressed by passion the teacher had while he was introducing the children in the mystery field of electronics and by the LEDs projects some of the older students would make.

After two years I signed up for the class and I was eager to study and discover new things. I learned about electronics compounds and their properties (memorizing the color code for resistors was an amazing challenge). I made a lot of projects, the first one of them was a Christmas tree with LEDs. I competed in national contests where I would have to design a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), manufacture the PCB and assembly the components. I made robots (line followers and dragsters) that I would use to compete in different competitions. I was also part of a Leonardo da Vinci project called RECAP (Remote Controlled Arm Project), in which we made a robotic arm and a lot more.
The training before the competitions was intense. Besides the days I would usually got to class, all the students participating in the competitions would meet up to study, work on projects, design PCBs and of course eat together.
It was a beautiful time of my life, when besides all the work and time I invested, I made lifelong friends with whom I had the chance to visit Romania and other places in Europe. All of this happened with the help of Mihai Agape, the teacher I met when I was eight, who invested time and passion to inspire, teach and guide us through life.
After almost a decade of taking advantage of every possibility and developing myself on all plans, I followed the same path and applied for a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.