Face to Face Again

On Thursday, March 31, 2022, activities have been held at the Clubul Copiilor Orșova, under the title “Orșova Spring”:

  • Dissemination of the Erasmus + project “New Generation Schools in the Light of Education 4.0” (coordinator Prof. Mihai Agape)
  • Choreographic literary show (coordinator prof. Lucia Pătășanu)
  • Boxing demonstration (coordinator prof. Sorin Gherghescu)
  • Painting exhibition (coordinator prof. Dan Virgil Scurtu)
  • Exhibition of electronic greeting cards (coordinator Prof. Maria Genoveva Agape)
  • Exhibition of 3D printed trinkets (coordinator prof. Mihai Agape)

This is the first face to face activity after almost two years of pandemic, so the emotions were higher than usual. The spectators were delighted both by the dances and the boxing demonstration presented, as well as by the painting exhibitions, electronic greeting cards and 3D printed trinkets arranged in the Club lobby. Some pictures from the event can be seen in the photo album.

Regarding the Erasmus + project “New Generation Schools in the Light of Education 4.0”, the public was surprised by the opportunities that such a project offers to the students and positively appreciated the efforts made by the team implementing the project. The teachers in the audience confessed that they did not know that we have such valuable activities and that they will guide their students to the activities carried out at the Club. Also, several parents expressed their intention to enrol their students in the Electronics circle in the next school year.

Even if the activities of the Orșova Children’s Club and of the Electronics circle are intensely popularized in the electronic environment — through websites (https://nonformal.ro, https://robotor.ro  and https://eduplus.ro)   and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) — the face-to-face meeting with parents and teachers in Orșova was an excellent occasion to remind them about the opportunities we offer to children from Orșova and beyond.

Mihai Agape